Cheng Ho Expo 2010

Cheng Ho Expo 21-26 November 2010 (14-19 Zulhijjah 1431H)
Tempat: Stadium Sultan Muhammad ke IV ,Kota Bharu, Kelantan
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Cheng Ho Expo is the first of its kind international trade exhibition to be organized by the Kelantan State Government in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, featuring more than 300 companies from countries around the world.

In celebration of 600th anniversary of Admiral Cheng Ho Naval expedition to Malaysia, the Expo will be highlighting his life and voyages that had made tremendous strides in bringing social, cultural and economic values towards greater unity and prosperity to the world at his time, thus named “Cheng Ho Expo 2010”.

Set against this historical background, the Kelantan State Government is proud to organize the Expo with the objective to create a valuable platform of trade and investment opportunities to our exhibitors and visitors, both local and international, while playing the role model of Admiral Cheng Ho in promoting unity among Muslims by the value and in establishing trade collaboration and diplomatic alliance among different countries.

To be held over a 6-day period from November 21-26, 2010, the exhibition will provide a dynamic business avenue that brings together business fraternities from a wide spectrum of industry sectors to explore trade opportunities, which include tourism industry, halal food, Islamic Banking and Finance industry, biotechnological and agricultural products and many more, under one roof. It will also be incorporated with talks and forums to be presented by prominent Chine businessmen, diplomats and young entrepreneurs.

In all, Cheng Ho Expo 2010 is the best focal meeting point that attracts both domestic and international participants to come to interact, transact and source for various products and services.

Cheng Ho Expo


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